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A big name in the ’80s in the UK, Acorn produced classic machines such as the BBC Micro and Archimedes.


Amstrad put its name to many things, but its range of CPC computers in the ’80s was by far its most popular.


Once the biggest name in Video Games, Atari was a constant presence from the ’70s through to the ’90s.


A giant from the ’70s to the ’90s, Commodore produced some of the most popular home computers of all time.


Microsoft staked its claim in the console market in the 2000s with the OG Xbox and has since been a dominant force competing with Sony & Nintendo.


Arguably the greatest name in video games from the ’80s to the present day, Nintendo has decades of heritage and continues to carve its own path into video game history.


Sega’s glory years were predominantly the ’90s, but like Nintendo, it has a lot of heritage. Now no longer producing hardware, remain legends for their classic consoles.


Known for their innovation and design flair, Sinclair was very much a leader in the European home computer market during the 1980s.


SNK is most famous for their family of ‘Neo Geo’ hardware, making regular console owners jealous during the 90s with arcade-quality games at home.

Smith Engineering

Whilst Smith Engineering is not a household name, their well-known 80s console, the Vectrex, may be more familiar to you.


Sony launched the all-conquering original PlayStation console in the mid-90s and has never looked back.