Atari 7800

Released in 1986, the Atari 7200 looked to resolve where the Atari 5200 had failed. The system offers full backward compatibility with Atari 2600 games and benefits from superior graphics capabilities.

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System Overview

The delay in the system’s release played a big part in its modest success. Gone were the days when Atari was the key player in the industry. Since the release of the 5200, the likes of Nintendo had entered the industry. Nintendo was succeeding with their NES system and gained the exclusive commitment of developers.

Atari 7800
The Atari 7800

This meant Atari were often left out in the cold and did not see anywhere near many games produced as a result. Sega felt the same pain from these deals, but they were able to offset this with their success in Europe and Japan, where Atari did not.

Ultimately, the Atari 7800 performed moderately well and was profitable for the company. They released one more system (the XEGS in 1987) before a hardware hiatus of 6 years, prior to the Atari Jaguar launching.