SNK Neo Geo

The Neo Geo was first introduced to the market in 1990 by SNK. The system was notable for its arcade quality graphics and sound capabilities compared to other consoles of its era.

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About The SNK Neo Geo

There were two main variants of the Neo Geo. The Neo Geo MVS (Multi Video System) was tailored for arcade setups, allowing operators the convenience of housing multiple game cartridges simultaneously. This meant that players could choose their preferred game from a menu, eliminating the need for manual cartridge swaps.

On the other hand, the Neo Geo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) was a home console. It mirrored the MVS in terms of game quality, providing an authentic arcade experience for home users. One distinguishing factor, however, was its cost; both the AES system and its cartridges were notably more expensive than competing consoles.

SNK Neo Geo
The SNK Neo Geo

The Neo Geo’s game library was rich, with a focus on fighting games. Standout titles included “The King of Fighters”, “Samurai Shodown”, and “Fatal Fury”. Beyond fighting games, the platform also offered titles like the action-packed “Metal Slug” series. In terms of technical specifications, the Neo Geo was advanced for its time, boasting a 16/32-bit Motorola 68000 CPU and impressive graphical capabilities.

SNK also ventured into other formats with the Neo Geo CD. This variant used CDs for game distribution, reducing the cost of individual titles. However, a common criticism was its longer loading times compared to cartridge-based systems.