Super Nintendo (SNES)

Released in 1990 in Japan (as the Super Famicom), then in the rest of the world over the next two years. Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System is the successor to the NES.

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About The Super Nintendo

The SNES represented a huge jump in graphical and sound performance. Sega had beaten Nintendo into the 16-bit era with the Mega Drive in 1988. This meant the SNES played catch up with Sega who had got off to a good start with their new system.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Upon the SNES’ release, it began what would be remembered as one of the most competitive eras in console history. Nintendo continued to market their consoles based on their own family-friendly franchises, such as Mario, etc. Sega, however, positioned their console more towards ‘Bringing the arcade experience home. Sega had built up a strong reputation for their own arcade franchises, which often translated well to the Mega Drive. So, the SNES had a battle on its hands.

In terms of worldwide sales, the SNES won out over the Mega Drive with c. 49 million units sold. This made the system the best-selling system of the era.

The system remained available at retail until 2003 and was succeeded by the Nintendo 64.