How To Retro is an independent retro gaming hobbyist website, made by a retro gaming hobbyist!

It’s predominantly retro gaming themed anyway! Sometimes we may slip into retro toys, retro books, or even retro films. But it’s all based on great memories and igniting those nostalgic feelings!

First launched back in 2017, the website started purely as an outlet to enthuse and write about retro gaming and computing, with an aim to produce useful, insightful, and enjoyable content for fans of all things retro.

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Our Approach To Retro

Let’s not get into the debate of what retro gaming is just yet! Retro gaming in our view is simply a commonly used expression when talking about gaming from one’s past – Could be 10 years, could be 30 years ago, but it really does not matter. It’s all about fun and nostalgia, that’s the message we like to get across.

One of our biggest frustrations as retro gaming fans is searching online and finding articles that are just stuffed full of incorrect and false information. Whilst we may not have a large team behind us, we are focused on producing useful and accurate how-to guides, recommendations, and reviews all based on first-hand experience – Not just what has been read elsewhere and rehashed without being fact-checked or tested.