RetroArch Steam Setup Guide

RetroArch Steam Setup Guide

This RetroArch Steam setup guide will take you through the basic steps of downloading, installing, and configuring RetroArch as part of a Steam installation. Retroarch is already well-established within the emulation community, but why not make it part of your Steam library? It makes access just that little bit easier if you already spend most … Read more

BigPEmu – Perfect Atari Jaguar Emulation?

BigPEmu Atari Jaguar Emulator

The big news of December 2022 for Atari Jaguar fans is the release of BigPEmu, a brand new Atari Jaguar emulator by Rich Whitehouse, the developer of the Atari Jaguar emulation which is part of the recently released Atari 50 collection. This standalone emulator is available for PC only, but initial assessments seem to be … Read more

What Is The Best Atari 2600 Emulator 2022

What Is The Best Atari 2600 Emulator

Atari 2600 emulation is super easy these days and has been well-established for many, many years. There are essentially two main options in our view, the first is to use the standalone Atari 2600 emulator, Stella, or use the excellent Stella core in RetroArch. Either way, these are both available for PC, Mac, Linux & … Read more

How To use DeSmuME Cheats

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME

In this guide, we show you how to use cheat codes in DeSmuME, the best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC, Mac & Linux. DeSmuME cheats are really simple to use, it is as simple as finding the cheat code for the game you are playing and copying/pasting it into DeSmuME It is easiest to use … Read more

How To Set Up RetroArch For Nintendo DS

How To Set Up RetroArch For Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is yet another moment in Nintendo’s history where they proved themselves to be the undisputed kings of the handheld. But what about DS emulation? It’s always been a bit of a tricky one, given its form factor and touchscreen functionality. RetroArch provides access to an excellent core, DeSmuME. If you didn’t know, … Read more