What Are RetroAchievements?


RetroAchievements is a community-based service which integrates with numerous emulators allowing the tracking of retro game achievements, very much in the same way achievements are implemented into modern game systems such as the Xbox & PlayStation consoles.

You can sign up to RetroAchievements at the official site https://retroachievements.org/, here you can access your account as well as check in on your game completion progress and what achievements you have unlocked.

What Are RetroAchievements?

RetroAchievements Supported Emulators

It is easy to set up RetroAchivements with RetroArch. Due to its multi-emulator nature, it is the simplest and most efficient place to link your RetroAchievements account.

RetroAchievements Supported RetroArch Cores

There is a wide range of Libretro cores in RetroArch supported by RetroAchievements:-

  • 32X
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Amstrad CPC
  • Arcade
  • Arduboy
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 7800
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Atari Lynx
  • ColecoVision
  • Dreamcast
  • Fairchild Channel F
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Gear
  • MSX
  • Master System
  • Mega Drive
  • Mega Duck
  • NES
  • Neo Geo Pocket
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
  • PC Engine
  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Pokemon Mini
  • SG-1000
  • SNES
  • Saturn
  • Sega CD
  • Vectrex
  • Virtual Boy
  • WASM-4
  • Watara Supervision
  • WonderSwan

RetroAchievements Supported Standalone Emulators

There are many standalone versions of emulators that have RetroAchievement compatibility included, many of these are bespoke versions of the emulators, a complete list with download links of compatible emulators can be found on the official RetroAchievements site.

RetroAchievements compatible standalone emulators include:-

  • PCSX2 (PlayStation 2)
  • RAppleWin (Apple II)
  • RAQUASI88 (PC-8000/ 8800)
  • RAMeka (ColecoVision / Master System / Game Gear / SG-1000)
  • RANes (NES)
  • RAP64 (Nintendo 64)
  • RASnes9x (SNES)
  • RAVBA (Game Boy / Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Color)

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