What Is The Best Wii U Emulator?

Best Wii U Emulator

The Wii U is probably not considered retro by the purists out there, but because of its Wii-based roots, and the fact it passed many people by, Wii U emulation is the way that most people experience this quirky, yet excellent console, so it is worth including our recommendations for the best Wii U emulators. … Read more

Cemu Shader Cache Guide

Cemu Shader Cache Guide

Cemu utilises shader caches, these essentially are a collection of pre-compiled shaders which have been dumped to files which are then easily recalled by Cemu so it can render things quickly again on screen, saving the player from experiencing jumpy performance in gameplay. If you do not have a set of pre-compiled shaders in place, … Read more

CEMU Setup – How To Guide

How To Set Up CEMU Wii U Emulator

The follow-up to the record-breaking Wii, the Wii U was somewhat of a letdown for many, however, there are some absolutely cracking Wii U games, so was a shame many missed the opportunity to play them the first time around. CEMU is currently the best Wii U emulator available and offers a decent amount of … Read more