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The Amiga CD32 was Commodore’s attempt at consolidating the Amiga into a dedicated CD-based gaming console. Released in 1993, the Amiga CD32 was to be Commodore’s final system. Here, we take a look at the system itself, the best Amiga CD32 games, CD32 emulators and where to find the Amiga CD32 for sale.

System Overview

Based on an Amiga 1200, the CD32 has some minor differences in its specification. Obviously having a CD-ROM based system as well as a console form factor with no integrated keyboard. The system itself utilised the Motorola 68020 CPU, 2mb of RAM and the AGA chipset, mirroring the Amiga 1200.

The key difference between the CD32 and the Amiga 1200 on the motherboard is the Akiko chip. The Akiko acts as the CD-Rom controller and facilitated graphics performance. Unfortunately, virtually no CD32 games utilised the chip and its features.

The CD32 controller is something that divides opinion. The general consensus seems to be that the CD32 controller is of poor build quality and not that comfortable to use. The D-Pad is most critisised for it’s spongy, unresponsive feel, making diagonal movements very tricky to achieve. However, CD32 controller

Upon the system’s release, there were only a handful of games available with many more promised by the end of the year. Unfortunately, many did not make a release.

By this time people were used to Commodore making questionable marketing and product decisions. The systems potential was hampered by Commodore deciding to bring its launch forward significantly. This resulted in developers not having sufficient time to fully realise its potential for games development before it’s launch. Inevitably this meant that most games released were just Amiga ports.

The Amiga CD32 can be expanded and essentially turned into an Amiga 1200. Much in the same way with the CDTV, users can add floppy/hard drives, mouse and keyboards to the system.

As a concept, Commodore had more right with the Amiga CD32 than with the CDTV, but the poor product and marketing decisions meant it got off to a slow start. In retrospect, the Amiga CD32 was destined to never succeed. The following couple of years saw the likes of the Sony PlayStation released which changed the gaming landscape forever. It seems unlikely now that the system would have been able to compete.

Amiga CD32
The Amiga CD32, Commodore’s last throw of the dice

Amiga CD32 Peripherals & Accessories

Purchasing Amiga CD32 peripherals has always been expensive, never more so than today! There are not a huge amount of accessories available for the CD32, the most useful include the Paravision SX-1, ProModule, TF328 and DCE SX-32 which all add the ability to expand the CD32 into a fully-fledged Amiga. These devices allow the addition of Floppy Drive, Hard Drive and Keyboard as well as some offering further processor enhancements. These expansions would essentially turn the CD32 into an Amiga 1200. The MPEG Full Motion Video (FMV) add-on also allows the playback of Video CDs.

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Where To Find The Amiga CD32 For Sale

Whilst the system is typically quite expensive to obtain now, there are still relative bargains to be had. Finding a cheap, good condition Amiga CD32 for sale though can be a challenge! So if you are looking for an Amiga CD32 for sale, check out the below ebay listings and grab yourself a potential bargain!

CD32 Games

Whilst there are some exclusives, many Amiga CD32 games are simply Amiga ports. However, this should not discredit the fact that there are some great games on the system. Some of the best Amiga CD32 games are straight Amiga ports. For example, the CD32 version of Simon the Sorcerer is a ‘talkie’ version of the Amiga original. The voice acting skills of Chris Barrie were employed to bring Simon to life, making this the definitive version of the game.

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