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Launched as the first Amiga ‘Home Computer’ and was to compete directly with the recent Atari ST. Commodore released the Amiga 500 in April 1987, the month after the Amiga 2000.


The Amiga 500 is the system that really defined the Amiga as a gaming powerhouse. Far outperforming many other systems at the time, it’s custom chips delivered superior graphical and sound capabilities. Shipping with a Motorola 68000 and 512kb as standard. Expanding the Amiga 500 beyond it’s 512kb of RAM was no problem with the trap-door expansion board. This was easily accessible underneath the A500 where the expansion card would simply slot on the board directly.

Thanks to superb marketing and negotiating efforts by David Pleasance of Commodore UK, the Amiga A500 enjoyed huge success. The 1989 Batman pack included the new Batman game by Ocean, exclusive to the Batman pack for a period of time. Although bundles had been a part of the strategy prior to this package, the Batman pack set new standards.

Amiga 500
The Amiga 500


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