Amiga 3000

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Released in 1990, the Amiga 3000 delivered the best specification seen at the time. Including a Motorola 68030, 2mb of RAM and 68882 math co-processor, the Amiga 3000 certainly was no slouch.

System Overview

The system is highly expandable in the way that the Amiga 2000 also is. It also includes a number of proprietary connections for Amiga specific peripherals. One significant addition was the inclusion of a built-in high-speed SCSI controller. This allowed multiple devices to be connected at once such as hard drives and CD-ROM drives.

Aimed at the higher end or professional user, the Amiga 3000 remained Commodore’s key personal computer Amiga product until 1992. The A3000 was succeeded at this time by the Amiga 4000.

Amiga 3000
The Amiga 3000


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