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The Amiga 1200 launched in October 1992 and signified the first decent upgrade from the previous 68000 based Amiga 500 range.

System Overview

Following the launch of Amiga 600, the Amiga 1200 arrived with a similar smaller form factor than that of the previous Amiga 500 range. 32-bit architecture, a Motorola 68020, AGA graphics and 2mb of RAM came as standard with the A1200. Also similar to the A600, the A1200 included options of a 2.5″ internal hard drive and a built-in PCMCIA slot to allow various expansions to be added to the machine.

Benefits of the new AGA graphics chip included the ability to display 256 colours on screen from a palette of 16.8 million (The Amiga 500, for example, could only display up to 32 from a palette of 4096). These improvements were ultimately felt to be a bit of a letdown. With many AGA versions of games tending to be simply the same game, but with some extra colours in the backgrounds/sprites, users were not getting real value for money on the improved specification A1200.

The A1200 was to be Commodore’s last base model home computer before their collapse in 1994, with only the Amiga CD32 console being released as an affordable Amiga computer.

Amiga 1200
The Amiga 1200


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