What Is The Best Sega Game Gear Emulator 2022

Finding the best Sega Game Gear emulator will be easy to find here, but also likely preferable to playing on original hardware. Why’s that you ask? Well, going through 6 AA batteries every few hours and struggling to see the washed out looking screen in the daylight are two big enough reasons to maybe relive classic game gear games through emulation!

Aside from this, the Sega Game Gear was essentially a miniaturised Sega Master System in terms of it’s power, so for the time, it did actually pack quite the punch.

Best Sega Game Gear Emulators
Play Game Gear Classics Without The Massive Battery Usage!

Best Sega Game Gear Emulator For PC, Mac & Linux

Gearsystem is the best Sega Game Gear Emulator for PC, Mac & Linux without question. Not only does it emulate Sega’s 8-bit handheld, is also emulates the Master System & SG-1000, so is really all you need for Sega’s 8-bit systems.

Gearsystem is still under active development and is open source, so will likely continue to receive updates in to the future.

This is such a comprehensive standalone emulator, even if you are a fan of some other Sega orientated emulators, Gearsystem is just such a great all rounder for it’s ability to emulate all the classic Sega 8-Bit systems. It’s vast array of options and functionality really help it a must have for fans of not just the Game Gear, but early Sega systems as a whole.

The Best Sega Game Gear Emulator For PC, Mac & Linux – Gearsystem playing Earthworm Jim

Gearsystem Game Gear Emulation Features Include:

  • High accuracy Z80 CPU emulation
  • Region Auto Detection
  • Save States
  • Reads ROMs held in ZIP files
  • Debug Mode
  • Emulates multiple systems, the Sega Game Gear, Master System, Mark II & SG-1000
  • Available for multiple systems – PC, Mac & Linux

Best Sega Game Gear Emulator For Android

There are a few options our there for Android users, but we think the best Sega Game Gear emulator for Android is through trusty RetroArch, using the ‘Genesis Plus GX’ core.

Sure, it’s another Sega core that runs many of Sega’s systems, but it has excellent performance as well as plenty of options to fiddle about with to get things set just how you want.

The Best Sega Game Gear Emulator For Android – RetroArch & Gensis Plus GX Core

The LCD ghosting filter which is built in to this core is excellent, it mimics the ghosting effect of the original Game Gear hardware, which gives you a much more realistic account of what it was like to play on original hardware.

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