Where To Buy A Sega Dreamcast Controller 2023

Where To Buy Dreamcast Controllers

With the Dreamcast now suitably retro, its controllers are now ageing and inevitably failing, so just where can you buy a Sega Dreamcast controller today? About The Sega Dreamcast Controller The Sega Dreamcast controller is certainly unique in both its appearance and functionality. It is based on the Saturn 3D controller but includes an analogue … Read more

Speedlink Competition Pro USB Joystick Review

Competition Pro USB Review

Now that Retro Gaming has been in vogue for the best part of a decade now, it still surprises me that there is limited demand for old-fashioned Joysticks. From my days owning a Spectrum, through to my Amiga 1200, I owned many different types of Joystick, including the original Competition Pro (Although I must admit … Read more

Best Retro Controllers for Retro Gaming

nes controller

How can you make your Retro Gaming experience more authentic and enjoyable? Here are some of the best Retro Controllers available. 8Bitdo Retro Style Bluetooth Controllers 8Bitdo produce a range of excellent retro-styled Bluetooth wireless game controllers. They produce retro-style gamepads for modern computers, but also Bluetooth receivers so their controllers can be used on original consoles. Bluetooth … Read more