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With the Dreamcast now suitably retro, its controllers are now ageing and inevitably failing, so just where can you buy a Sega Dreamcast controller today?

Where To Buy Sega Dreamcast Controllers

About The Sega Dreamcast Controller

The Sega Dreamcast controller is certainly unique in both its appearance and functionality. It is based on the Saturn 3D controller but includes an analogue stick, d-pad, 4 primary fire buttons, two analogue triggers and a start button.

It certainly had its critics upon launch with many calling it ugly and does not promote a natural, comfortable experience, the Dreamcast controller did have one unique feature up its sleeve, or rather in its rear, so to speak!

I am of course talking about the accessory ports at the back of the controller, which allow users to plug in the famous Dreamcast VMU (Virtual Memory Unit) as well as accessories like the Jump Pack, which gives rumble/force feedback effects.

With all this functionality, it is inevitable that your old Dreamcast controllers will suffer from wear and tear. So, just where can you buy a Sega Dreamcast controller today? There are a few options, read on to find out more!

Where To Buy A Dreamcast Controller?

The best place to buy an original Dreamcast controller is on eBay. There are plenty of good condition examples available as well as a few boxed controllers that regularly appear in listings.

Buy Original Dreamcast Controller eBay

How Much Is A Boxed Dreamcast Controller Worth?

Based on current eBay prices, new and unused and boxed original Dreamcast controllers are being listed from around $30 / £25 – $55 / £45. It is of course subjective as to what it is actually worth, assuming it is in new and unused condition, then the lower end of this price range is a reasonable price to pay.

Reconditioned / Renewed Dreamcast Controllers

There are also Amazon sellers who specialise in reconditioning old controllers and selling online. These are your best bet if you are looking for a high-quality original Dreamcast controller.

Can You Buy New Dreamcast Controllers Today?

Yes, you can, not so much a new old stock original Dreamcast controller, but third-party modern Dreamcast controllers are available now and are of excellent quality.

The Retro Fighters StrikerDC Dreamcast Controller is the best third-party Dreamcast controller available today.

It is compatible with first-party VMU, vibration packs, 4X memory cards and microphone. It has all the functionality of the original Sega Dreamcast controller but is built in a more ergonomic and modern design. It has a longer 10′ cable as well a turbo function built in.

It is so cool that there has been a proper Dreamcast controller created today that even accommodates original hardware like the VMUs!

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