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In this guide, we show you how to use cheat codes in DeSmuME, the best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC, Mac & Linux.

DeSmuME cheats are really simple to use, it is as simple as finding the cheat code for the game you are playing and copying/pasting it into DeSmuME

It is easiest to use Action Replay codes, but DeSmuME does also have the functionality to automatically search and adjust memory positions and exploit to your advantage.

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME

Using DeSmuME Action Replay Codes

Action Replay cheat codes are the most common way to apply cheat codes to your DS games in DeSmuME.

In this example, we will use an Action Replay cheat code, which unlocks all the Retro courses in Mario Kart DS.

First of all, go to the menu option ‘Tools -> Cheats -> List’.

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME Cheats List Menu
DeSmuME Cheats List Menu

This will take you to the cheats list section in DeSmuME.

Next, click the ‘Action Replay’ button and you will see the below window pop up.

It is here you will enter your Action Replay code and a description for it. I personally find it best to just enter the name of the game and a brief note as to what the cheat code is for.

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME Adding An Action Replay Code In DeSmuME
Adding An Action Replay Code In DeSmuME

Click the ‘Add’ button once you have entered the cheat code details and you will see your cheat code details appear in the cheats list.

Next, make sure the cheat code you wish to activate has its box checked. This will ensure the cheat is active when you go to your game.

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME Action Replay Turn On Code
Make Sure The Cheat Code Is Activated

We can see in the below picture that our Mario Kart – Unlock all retro courses cheat code has worked!

How To Use Cheats In DeSmuME Mario Kart Unlock All Retro Courses
Mario Kart Cheat Code – Unlock All Retro Courses

If your code does not seem to work, go back and double-check you have entered it correctly and also whether you have selected internal or Action Replay.

it is also worth checking that you have the correct cheat code for the version/region of the game you are playing as occasionally, cheat codes may differ slightly if there are different versions of the games.

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