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Released in 1976, the Fairchild Channel F, or Video Entertainment System (VES) as it’s also known, represents a pivotal moment for games consoles with it being the first to utilise a microprocessor and also interchangeable ROM cartridges, as opposed to having a set number of games available on the system, like with early Pong style consoles.

In this guide, I introduce you to Fairchild Channel F emulation. I have to admit, it’s slim pickings, but at least a familiar name comes to the rescue!

RetroArch – FreeChaF Core

FreeChaF is a Fairchild Channel F / VES core for RetroArch and is without a doubt, the best way to emulate the Fairchild Channel F, thanks to the familiar and easy-to-use RetroArch front end.

It is available via RetroArch for PC, Mac, Linux & Android, but does require the required Fairchild Channel F BIOS files to be able to boot games.

FreeChaF in RetroArch is an excellent choice to experience this vintage classic, with it providing:

  • Accurate emulation of the Fairchild Channel F
  • Good level of game compatibility
  • Fairchild Channel F paddle controller & light gun emulation
  • Control configuration so you can use a modern controller with Channel F games
  • All the bells and whistles that RetroArch offers such as shaders & filters can help recreate that nostalgic feeling of a CRT screen
RetroArch FreeChaF Emulator Core
The RetroArch Core ‘FreeChaF’ Playing The Game ‘Slot Machine’

To use the FreeChaf core in RetroArch you will need to do the following:

  1. Install RetroArch on your device.
  2. Install the FreeChaF core by selecting the following menu item – ‘Load Core -> Download A Core -> Fairchild ChannelF (FreeChaF).
  3. Load a Channel F game by selecting ‘Load Content’ from the RetroArch menu and navigating to your Channel F ROMs, then select the game you wish to play.

You’ll now be able to experience the very roots of cartridge-based video game systems! Sure the games are really only a step up from ‘Pong’, but if you’re somebody who enjoys the history of gaming and appreciates how far things have come, the Fairchild Channel F is a system definitely worth experiencing for yourself.

Other Fairchild Channel F Emulators

Whilst I’m recommending RetroArch for Fairchild Channel F emulation, MAME actually does provide support for this system too.

If you are interested in using MAME to play Channel F games, then this post on the Launhbox forum is a helpful place to start.

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