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Best Retro Controllers for Retro Gaming


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Matt James

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How can you make your Retro Gaming experience more authentic and enjoyable? Here are some of the best Retro Controllers available.

8Bitdo Retro Style Bluetooth Controllers

8Bitdo produces a range of excellent retro-styled Bluetooth wireless game controllers. They produce retro-style gamepads for modern computers, but also Bluetooth receivers so their controllers can be used on original consoles.

Bluetooth controllers are compatible with most modern platforms. You will need to ensure your device has built-in Bluetooth (the Raspberry Pi 3 does). Alternatively, Bluetooth USB adapters are cheap to pick up and easy to install.

We recommend taking into account what type of games you will be playing before buying a controller. If you are going to predominantly play 2D games, 8Bitdo might have the best retro controller for you. For 3D games on the N64 and PlayStation, you might want to consider an Xbox or PS4 controller.

Moga Pro Power Bluetooth Controller

The Moga Pro Power is one of the best options for playing Retro Games on your Android smartphone or Tablet. The built-in holder seats your phone in the perfect position for gaming on the move and has a comfortable viewing angle.

This neatly folds away so the controller can be used as any other Bluetooth controller does. The Moga Pro Power even comes with a tablet stand so you can play games on larger devices comfortably.

It is one of the best retro controllers for both gaming in front of and away from the big screen. It has both digital and analogue controls allowing you to play any game with ease.

Moga products are primarily for Android devices. They do offer iPhone controllers, but these are for smaller form factor iPhone 5 generation devices.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controllers

If Retro Controller designs are not your thing, you cannot go wrong with either an Xbox One or PS4 controller. Both are Bluetooth controllers so are compatible with a large number of devices.

It is also worth noting that Xbox One introduced Bluetooth functionality to its latest controller with the Xbox One S, the original Xbox One controllers do not have Bluetooth.

These controllers will not bring back the nostalgic pains of using awkward rectangular gamepads, they are some of the most comfortable and responsive.