Best GBA Emulator for PC, Android & iOS

There are many ways to emulate the Game Boy Advance these days, whether it’s on modded games consoles, retro handheld consoles or modern solutions such as the Raspberry Pi. Sometimes though, it can be a minefield to know which is the best emulator to use, so we have put together a concise list of the best GBA emulators for PC, Android and iOS.

Best GBA Emulators

Best GBA Emulator for PC – mGBA

mGBA has fast become a favourite with retro gamers looking to emulate the GBA on the PC. It first began development in 2012, and appeared publicly as an alpha release in 2014. mGBA has since received regular updates, it plays original Game Boy games and even now has Nintendo DS support!

mGBA has evolved into the definitive GBA emulator. Not only does it do a fantastic job of allowing you to play all your old GBA games, it allows you to use GameShark codes, has a comprehensive debug mode where you can access game assets and export them.

I am usually a fan of playing my Game Boy Advance games on a retro handheld console such as the RG350, but mGBA is now my choice of emulator when it comes to GBA emulation on the PC.

mGBA Download

Best GBA Emulator for Android – My Boy!

My Boy! Is a hugely popular GBA emulator for Android devices with over 1 million installs. My Boy! Is well known for quality standard of emulation and configurability, but aside from all the usual standard features you would expect of a quality GBA emulator, My Boy! Features GBA link cable emulation. This is a feature loved in particular by Pokemon players, which makes My Boy! Particularly unique.

It is a paid app, but if you are a Game Boy Advance fan and are seeking an excellent GBA Emulator for Android, you must consider My Boy!

My Boy! Download

Best GBA Emulator for iOS – RetroArch / mGBA Core

Since iOS is typically more difficult to install emulators too and usually require some kind of workaround, I would recommend using RetroArch for your GBA emulation.

The mGBA core is available to iOS users via RetroArch, so once again, I make this the recommended core for Game Boy Advance emulation.

There are comprehensive tutorials available online to assist with the installation, so installing emulators on to your iOS device need not be a painful experience any longer.

RetroArch iOS download & installation guide

Best RetroArch GBA Core – RetroArch / mGBA Core

As for the best all round GBA emulation solution, RetroArch once again saves the day!

The mGBA core also allows you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. 

Another popular request for GBA emulators is the options to speed up emulation, in particular with Pokemon players where there are a lot of sections of the game players want to speed up to skip past – RetroArch has you covered here with it’s fast forward mode!

The mGBA core also once again is my go to core in RetroArch for Game Boy Advance emulation.

RetroArch Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Many GBA emulators have video filter and shader options built in, making it easy to make your GBA emulators look nicer. RetroArch for example has many shaders available that allow you to round off hard edges of pixels, recreate CRT scanlines and also specifically recreate the pixelated look of the original GBA screen.

mGBA also has built in upscaling and filtering options to make your GBA games look better on the big screen

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