The Best Ever Mega Drive / Genesis Games

Best Sega Mega Drive Games

This is a tough one, with literally over 900 titles developed for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in all regions (and still increasing with homebrew titles!), it is hard to put down the definitive list of best Mega Drive games. The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis is arguably Sega’s best-ever console. Not necessarily just … Read more

About The Sega Mega Drive

Sega Mega Drive

Released in 1988, the Sega Mega Drive, also known as the Genesis in the US, succeeded the Sega Master System console. This system also represented Sega’s move into the 16-bit era. The Mega Drive’s technology was derived from Sega’s own ‘System 16’ arcade board. It utilises the proven Motorola 68000 CPU, backed up by a … Read more