The Best 32X Games To Play Today

Best Sega 32X Games

Designed to act as a way to get existing Genesis & Mega Drive owners to make the jump to the 32-bit era, the 32X ended up bombing commercially. Mainly because the release of the Sega Saturn in the US & Europe, just mere months after the 32X launch, undermined Sega fans who had invested in … Read more

About The Sega 32X

Sega 32X

Released in 1994, the Sega 32X is a peripheral for the Sega Mega Drive intending to extend its life. The 32X simply slotted into the Mega Drives cartridge slot where you could then slot the 32X game into the top. In the midst of the ‘bit wars’, the 32X was Sega’s attempt at getting on … Read more