Best Controllers For RetroPie 2023

Best Bluetooth Controllers For RetroPie

Since RetroPie burst onto the retro gaming scene all the way back in 2013, built on the backbone of emulator frontends such as EmulationStation & RetroArch, it quickly became a favourite with retro game lovers across the world when it became the quickest and easiest way to play retro games on the Raspberry Pi. Since … Read more

Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ Released

Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+

New Trimmed down Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ Launched The Raspberry Pi Foundation launch its latest offering. And no, it’s not the Raspberry Pi 4! It comes in the form a reduced cost version of their Pi3 B+. But does the reduced specification still make it an attractive purchase for the retro enthusiast? The Raspberry … Read more

Raspberry Pi – Retro Game Emulation

raspberry pi image

You may have heard about the Raspberry Pi, it is a credit-card-sized single-board computer. It has become popular with tech enthusiasts, for educational use, and especially with Retro Gamers.  It is cheap, powerful, and very customisable, making it perfect for a dedicated Retro Gaming device. To play games, you will need to install Retropie. Retropie emulates … Read more