MiSTer N64 Core Development Teased

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MiSTer N64 Core Development

The MiSTer project is the gift that keeps on giving, and MiSTer core developer FPGAzumSpass has just given the community hope for an N64 core.

An N64 core is something that has always been judged as a tricky prospect by core developers, but this tease by FPGAzumSpass has given hope to N64 fans looking for an authentic N64 experience that exceeds current emulation performance and accuracy.

The footage published on his Twitter page is Mario Kart 64 running on a self-developed low-level emulator, with the footage being played back at double speed, which he has developed to develop a greater understanding of the system, prior to commencing work on an N64 core for MiSTer.

FPGAzumSpass has said they will give it their best shot, so fingers are crossed that progress will be swift and successful.

Robert Peip, who is known as FPGAzumSpass, is an FPGA developer, who says on his Patreon page that he started working with FPGAs as a hobby and was a full-time FPGA developer for 7 years. He has since returned to work on FPGA projects once again as a hobby,

his previous work includes the MiSTer PS1, GBA, WonderSwan, and Atari Lynx Core, so the prospective N64 Core looks to be in good hands!

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