Classic Game Room Surprise YouTube Comeback

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Classic Game Room YouTube Comeback

Classic Game Room (CGR), the beloved YouTube channel and a pioneer in the online video game review format, appears to have made a surprise comeback to YouTube, and fans couldn’t be more excited!

Classic Game Room, renowned for its reviews of retro games, dry humor, and a unique take on gaming culture, had taken a step back from YouTube in recent years due to concerns regarding the platform’s revenue model. But now, CGR is back to reclaim its classic game crown.

One of the best retro gaming YouTube channels, Classic Game Room is the brainchild of Mark Bussler, which he started back in 1999, way before YouTube made retro game videos popular.

Whilst Mark did not totally abandon the channel, regular videos have still been posted for either comic book focussed content as well as Mark’s musical projects.

Classic Game Room’s return to the ‘never-ending mission to review, EVERYTHING’ is certainly a welcome one and I for one can’t wait to start to see CGR videos appearing in my YouTube feed once more!

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