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The SG-1000 takes us back to 1983, the days when pixels were larger than life and controllers were simpler than a TV remote. Released at a time when Sega was yet to become a household name across the world, the SG-1000 represents Sega’s first attempt to make moves in the home video game space,

Whilst the US had Atari and ColecoVision, Japan received the SG-1000 and started the Sega legacy that we know and love. The SG-1000 may look basic by today’s standards, but make no mistake, it delivered some very playable games!


Strap on your helmet and prepare for takeoff with H.E.R.O., the game that made flying in dark, dangerous mines cool before Elon Musk made tunnels trendy. H.E.R.O., a captivating gem from 1985.

Navigating treacherous mines with your helicopter backpack, you save trapped miners while avoiding creepy critters and other hazards. It’s like an extreme sport for retro gamers, complete with dynamite and laser beams.

The vibrant colors, catchy sound effects, and fast-paced gameplay make H.E.R.O. an unforgettable experience for anyone seeking a blast from the past.

H.E.R.O. SG-1000

Dragon Wang

Step into the shoes of a martial arts expert in Dragon Wang – Yep, that’s the actual name of this game – an action-packed 1985 release for the SG-1000.

You’re on a mission to rescue a kidnapped diplomat, and it’s up to you to kick, punch, and jump your way through hordes of enemies and end of level boss fights.

Unleash your inner Bruce Lee and experience the exhilaration of classic side-scrolling beat-’em-up action in Dragon Wang.

And once more, Dragon Wang!

Dragon Wang SG-1000
Dragon Wang


Ever wondered what it’s like to be an unsung hero in a helicopter? Look no further than Choplifter, a high-flying classic from 1985.

Taking on the role of a daring helicopter pilot, you find yourself on a mission to rescue hostages from enemy territory. Outmaneuver tanks, jet fighters, and other hostile forces while you navigate diverse terrains, and try not to break a sweat when landing your chopper to save the day.

With its unique blend of shooting and rescue mechanics, Choplifter promises a thrilling retro gaming experience that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

Choplifter SG-1000


Step right up and embrace your inner bird whisperer with Flicky, a feather-ruffling adventure from 1984.

Flicky is a cheerful blue bird with a mission: rescue her adorable little chicks, known as Chirps, from the clutches of mischievous cats and iguanas. You hop, skip, and jump across platforms, avoiding or defeating enemies as you guide the Chirps to safety.

The catchy music and vibrant visuals make Flicky an irresistibly charming experience that’ll have you chirping with delight. So fluff up your feathers and get ready for a wing-flapping good time!

Flicky SG-1000

Elevator Action

You know what they say: going up! In the 1985 SG-1000 game Elevator Action, you’re a secret agent tasked with infiltrating a high-rise building to retrieve secret documents.

Using elevators and escalators to navigate the building, you have to avoid or take out enemy agents. The gameplay is a delightful mix of strategy, action, and the occasional chuckle-inducing moment.

The combination of timing-based elevator movement and intense shootouts makes Elevator Action an enjoyable, challenging experience that you won’t soon forget.

Elevator Action SG-1000
Elevator Action

Bomb Jack

Get ready for explosive action in Bomb Jack, a 1985 arcade classic brought to the SG-1000. You’re the superhero Bomb Jack, with the mission to defuse bombs scattered across various historical landmarks.

Your goal is to collect all the bombs on each level while avoiding enemies and navigating platforms with your incredible jumping abilities. The gameplay is a perfect blend of challenge, fun, and a touch of frustration!

As you hop around defusing bombs, you’ll find yourself entertained and engaged, making Bomb Jack an essential title for fans of platformers and action games alike.

Bomb Jack SG-1000
Bomb Jack

Doki Doki Penguin Land

Who knew that penguins could be expert architects? Well, in Doki Doki Penguin Land, a quirky 1985 classic.

Guiding a determined penguin parent as they tunnel through ice and snow, you create a safe path for their precious egg to roll to the nest below. Along the way, you’ll have to outsmart pesky polar bears and other obstacles, all while keeping that fragile egg in one piece.

The game’s unique puzzle-platformer gameplay and endearing characters make Doki Doki Penguin Land a heartwarming experience that’ll have you cheering for these waddling heroes.

Doki Doki Penguin Land SG-1000
Doki Doki Penguin Land

Space Invaders

Get ready to save Earth from an 8-bit alien invasion with Space Invaders, a game that even your grandma might remember.

Released in 1985 for the SG-1000, it’s no surprise that this iconic title was a hit on the SG1000. Commanding a lone laser cannon, you move left and right while firing away at the relentless waves of pixelated extraterrestrial forces.

These baddies have no regard for personal space as they march closer and closer, speeding up with each defeated row.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Space Invaders remains an all-time favorite that will have you shouting “Take that, you pesky pixel!” as you blast away for high scores.

Space Invaders SG-1000
Space Invaders


Blast off into the cosmos and relive the golden age of arcade gaming with Sega-Galaga, a space-faring classic from 1983.

This adaptation of the iconic Galaga brings the adrenaline-pumping, alien-blasting action right into your living room.

You take control of a spaceship, battling hordes of insect-like extraterrestrial foes as they dive-bomb and swarm around you. Shoot them down, dodge their attacks, and watch for the chance to rescue captured comrades.

With its timeless gameplay, striking visuals, and infectious soundtrack, Sega-Galaga is an interstellar joyride that will have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days of gaming.

Sega Galaga SG-1000
Sega Galaga

Wonder Boy

Grab your skateboard, toss on a loincloth, and get ready for a wild ride in Wonder Boy, a 1986 classic.

As Tom-Tom, the titular Wonder Boy, you embark on a thrilling quest to save your girlfriend, Tanya, from the clutches of a nefarious monster. Navigating treacherous landscapes filled with pitfalls, you take out enemies and even pick up occasional fruit snacks for an energy boost.

With its colorful graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and catchy tunes, Wonder Boy is a delightful adventure that’ll make you feel like a true hero on a skateboard.

Wonderboy SG-1000

Monaco GP

Speed through the streets of Monaco in this classic 1983 SG-1000 game, Monaco GP! Get behind the wheel and take on the challenge of this fast-paced, formula one-style racing game.

In this arcade-style gem, you’re in control of a race car, zipping through the winding roads, and avoiding other vehicles and obstacles, all while trying to beat the clock.

As you progress, the difficulty ramps up, keeping you on your toes. But don’t worry, this game has just the right mix of arcade action and fun, making it a fantastic choice for arcade racing fans and casual gamers alike.

Monaco GP SG-1000
Monaco GP

Girl’s Garden

Step into a world where love blooms, bees buzz, and bears are definitely not your friends. Welcome to Girl’s Garden, a charming 1984 title that blossoms.

You play as Papri, a girl on a quest to gather flowers for her beloved boyfriend, Minto. However, don’t let the cute premise fool you; this garden is filled with challenges! You will need to avoid bees, bears, and other critters while picking flowers, all within a strict time limit.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or just a fan of retro gaming, Girl’s Garden offers a delightful experience that’ll have you swooning over its pixel-perfect petals.

Girl's Garden SG-1000
Girl’s Garden

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