Mr Do! – Game Boy Review

Nintendo Game Boy

Mr Do! Is a port of the arcade classic of 1982 for the Nintendo Game Boy. This is now quite a rare and expensive game to obtain fully boxed with instructions, with only a handful of examples currently on eBay, all at well over £100, so this is certainly one for collectors only if you want a complete version!

If you’re not familiar with Mr Do, the aim of the game is to collect all of the cherries that are placed around the level, avoiding the enemies in the process.

You have some tools available to you to destroy enemies, such as his power ball, that can be thrown at them, which then returns to you after a few seconds before you can throw it again. Secondly, you can utilise apples that are placed around the level by pushing them so they fall and crush one or multiple enemies at the same time.

This conversion is a 1992 game and is a largely faithful recreation of the arcade original. Obvious compromises have been made with the amount of space available on the Game Boys 2.6-inch screen size.

As a result, Mr Do now scrolls as opposed to having the whole level appearing on a single screen. It doesn’t suffer as a result though, with there being plenty of the game visible at one time. The sound is classic Game Boy and certainly adds to the arcade feel of the game, no complaints with this area at all.


Mr Do! Is a charming conversion of an all-time arcade great and one that has its own look rather than just being a straight copy of the arcade version, again as mentioned earlier, this may be one to emulate or just buy a cartridge unless you are a game boy completionist.

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