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The Amiga, a powerhouse of its time, boasted an impressive line up of racing games that made the Amiga a great system for arcade racers, through to more hardcore simulations.

If you are in to your Amiga racers, buckle up, as we’re about to look at some real classics!

ATR: All Terrain Racing

Whoever said “Why not race on all terrains?” must’ve been a genius! ATR: All Terrain Racing is one of the Amiga racing games that blends fast-paced arcade-style racing with multiple different types of terrain to race on, snow, forest, and desert.

As you speed through tracks with many obstacles, jumps and oil slicks, you’ll face opponents of increasing difficulty and tight corners that require precision driving. Choosing the right vehicle, collecting cash, power-ups, and purchasing upgrades will help you stay ahead of the competition.

So, if you’re looking for a classic top-down racer for the Amiga, ATR is one of the greatest!

ATR: All Terrain Racing Amiga
ATR: All Terrain Racing

Super Skidmarks

If cows driving souped-up cars isn’t classic Amiga racing, we don’t know what is!

Super Skidmarks offers a unique and wacky racing experience where you can race various vehicles, including cow-themed cars. This game stands out with its unconventional tracks, filled with jumps, twists, and tight turns.

You can race solo or team up with friends in multiplayer mode. Experience the joy of skidding around corners and leaving your bovine competition in the dust.

Super Skidmarks Amiga
Super Skidmarks

Lotus II

Lotus cars were all the rage in the 80s and 90s, so is it a surprise that they gave their name to some one of the now most classic and revered amiga series of all time?

Lotus II lets you indulge in taking Lotus Elan and Esprit cars out on a variety of tracks in this super smooth, high-speed classic Amiga racer. The game features a range of environments to race through, from the scenic countryside to bustling cities, allowing you to create custom races.

Lotus II is easily identifiable by its classic 90s Amiga soundtrack and is as familiar to hear as it is to play and easily earns its spot in my list.

Lotus II Amiga
Lotus II

Indianapolis 500

Embark on the ultimate racing challenge by entering the world-renowned Indy 500! Indianapolis 500 is a realistic simulation of the prestigious event, putting you behind the wheel of a super quick but fragile IndyCar.

This game is known for its impressive attention to detail and accurate physics, and high-speed crashes giving you an authentic racing experience. You can race a short 10-lap race, or go the full Indy 500 distance if you have the stamina or the ability to fend off repetitive strain injury!

Tinker with car setups, and strategize your way to victory. Indianapolis 500 is a must-play for fans of open-wheel racing simulations.

Indianapolis 500 Amiga
Indianapolis 500

Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road

Leave the asphalt tracks behind and dive into the world of off-road racing! Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road brings the excitement of off-road racing to the Amiga with its outrageous tracks and multiplayer carnage!

Maneuver your truck through challenging tracks, collecting power-ups and upgrades to improve your vehicle’s performance. Competing against skilled AI opponents, you must prove your off-road prowess and conquer the rugged terrain.

A hugely popular title when released, Super Off Road represents how arcade conversions should be done on the Amiga.

Ivan Ironman Stewarts Super Off Road Amiga
Ivan Ironman Stewarts Super Off Road

Formula One Grand Prix / World Circuit

If you dreamed of being like Nigel Mansell, then Microprose Formula One Grand Prix was your gateway to being an F1 champion back in 1991!

Also known as World Circuit, this highly detailed racing simulation lets you experience the thrill of competing in the prestigious Formula One championship. With realistic car handling, authentic F1 championship tracks, and dynamic weather conditions, F1GP offers an immersive experience like no other at the time that made you feel truly like an F1 driver.

Customize your car settings, run practice and qualifying sessions, and fight for the top spot on the podium in one of the all time greatest racing games.

Formula One Grand Prix Amiga
Formula One Grand Prix

Super Cars II

Super Cars II drives onto the scene with the not-so-typical blend of fast cars and missiles!

This top-down racing game boasts a wide range of tracks and firepower to keep you engaged and challenged throughout. As you race through tight corners and tricky terrain.

Super Cars II has superb interactive cut scenes between races where you try to smooth talk your way out of a police fine or convince a solicitor that you should inherit your great uncle’s fortune!

Super Cars II is a unique experience that’ll remain a unique take on the top-down racing genre to this day.

Supercars II Amiga
Supercars II

Indy Heat

Do you have what it takes to conquer the heat of the Indy racing circuit? Indy Heat brings you the arcade game home perfectly with the amazing Amiga conversion, it’s virtually arcade perfect.

Indy Heat sees you compete against 3 other opponents on miniature tracks, managing your fuel and using turbo boosts sparingly, you need to spend your winning strategically on upgrades to be able to stand a chance of winning later races.

Indy Heat is a must-play for anyone who loves competitive top-down multiplayer racing games and is a fine arcade conversion for the Amiga.

Indy Heat Amiga
Indy Heat

Stunt Car Racer

Hold onto your helmet, because things are about to get wild! Stunt Car Racer takes racing to new heights with its gravity-defying tracks and exhilarating stunts.

In this unique racing game, you’ll tackle rollercoaster-like tracks, soaring through the air and executing daring jumps all part of a points-based league system, progressing your way through all4 divisions.

The game’s physics-based gameplay and realistic damage system make each race a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Put your driving skills to the test and conquer the most daring tracks in one of the most technically impressive racing games on the Amiga.

Stunt Car Racer Amiga
Stunt Car Racer


Vroom! The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

This fast-paced, 3D-style racing game offers a slick and super-fast racing experience with smooth controls and a first-person cockpit view. You’ll face off against challenging opponents across 6 tracks, but be warned, this game comes with a steep learning curve!

Vroom! is renowned for its super fast speed and very little room to overtake cars, so you’ll need to plan your overtakes and just get used to the twitchy but fun controls! You can even play Vroom! with a mouse, which is testament to just how sensitive the controls in this game can be.

A totally unique racing game, just be prepared to keep trying and not lose your temper with this one!

Vroom Amiga

The Duel: Test Drive II

The Duel: Test Drive II pits you against a single rival in an epic cross-country race filled with twists, turns, and scenic vistas. A 1989 game, Test Drive II is one of the earlier examples of a great racing game on the Amiga.

Test Drove II offers up two high-performance cars, a Porsche 959 and a Ferrari F40, where you race head-to-head across different locations. Once of the really fun parts of Test Drive II is avoiding the police, who sit in laybys waiting with their speed guns, to then drive in pursuit of you should you be breaking the speed limit.

Police chases, realistic car mechanics, and tight competition make The Duel: Test Drive II an unforgettable ride.

The Duel Test Drive II Amiga
The Duel Test Drive II

Xtreme Racing

Why settle for ordinary racing when you can go Xtreme?

Xtreme Racing delivers a thrilling, fast-paced experience that pushes the limits of what the Amiga was capable of. Clearly trying to imitate the SNES mode-7 style, Xtreme racing does suffer a bit in resolution, but it’s a solid racing game on a system that in 1995, was really on its last legs.

With its unique 3D-style graphics and various vehicle types, you’ll need to master different racing techniques to conquer each challenging track.

Multiplayer support adds to the excitement, allowing you to compete with friends for bragging rights and racing glory.

Xtreme Racing Amiga
Xtreme Racing

No Second Prize

There’s no room for error in No Second Prize, a high-stakes motorcycle racing game that demands precision and skill.

Racing against tough AI opponents on realistic tracks, with responsive controls and an immersive first-person perspective that put you right in the action. The game features a selection of real-world circuits, a training mode to hone your skills, and adjustable difficulty settings to suit your experience level.

No Second Prize is a gem for two-wheel racings fans and another that can be played with the mouse!

No Second Prize Amiga
No Second Prize

Micro Machines

Size isn’t everything, especially when it comes to the miniature world of Micro Machines!

This top-down racer takes you on a wild ride through everyday environments, such as kitchen tables and garden paths, racing tiny vehicles that pack a punch. You’ll compete against AI opponents or friends in multiplayer mode, navigating treacherous tracks filled with obstacles and hazards.

With its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and unique racing locations, Micro Machines stands out as a fan-favourite across multiple systems.

Micro Machines Amiga
Micro Machines


It’s time to hit the open road and leave your opponents in the dust with Roadkill, a post-apocalyptic racing game that brings chaos and destruction to the Amiga.

You’ll race through desolate wastelands, battling AI opponents and avoiding deadly traps while collecting power-ups and upgrades to enhance your vehicle. Roadkill’s gritty atmosphere, intense gameplay, and diverse selection of cars and tracks make it an exciting addition to this list.

Roadkill Amiga

The Amiga wasn’t perhaps the go to system for racing games, but it was a big part of my gaming history and provided some excellent arcade ports as well as some immersive simulations.

My personal favourites are simulation-based games like Formula One Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500. Whilst the Amiga didn’t deliver the frame rates that the PC was able to offer, it was my gateway into the world of 3D racers and sim racing, that I’m still a huge fan of these days, with the likes of iRacing.

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