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Best Retro Gaming YouTube Channels

YouTube is awash with Retro Gaming content these days, so it can be hard to find channels that suit your tastes. Here we recommend some of the best retro gaming YouTube channels, where many have made careers publishing videos about retro gaming.

Amigos Retro Gaming

If you are a fan of the Amiga, then the Amigos Retro Gaming YouTube channel is for you. Hosted by John & Aaron, these two Amiga enthusiasts have been around for years, producing excellent videos and podcasts, focussing on Amiga games, hardware, emulation, and anything Amiga related.

Since they started Amigos, they have also introduced content for other systems such as the Coco, Atari ST, and ZX Spectrum, all of which are equally as enjoyable as the Amiga content. Aaron also hosts a show called ARG Presents with his brother, Brent, which is also an excellent show.

The enthusiasm these guys have is infectious and Amigos continues to be one of my favorite retro gaming YouTube channels.

Angry Video Game Nerd (Cinemassacre)

One of the longest-running and most popular retro gaming YouTube channels is that of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN). Run by James Rolfe, the channel ‘Cinemassacre’ hosts a wealth of nostalgic content primarily around gaming and movies, but is best known for its AVGN series.

James’ channel and the Angry Video Game Nerd character is regarded as one of the pioneers of the YouTube video review format and his influence can be felt across a huge amount of YouTube retro game review channels to this day.

He focuses primarily on consoles popular in the 80s & 90s in the US, so there are a lot of Nintendo and Sega-orientated videos. But then it makes it interesting when he covers more obscure systems such as the Amiga CD32 (Which AVGN is not a fan of!).

If you don’t know about AVGN already, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do as there are 16 seasons of AVGN at the time of writing.

Sega Lord X

Sega Lord X is another long-time YouTuber who specialises, as you expected, in the subject of Sega. However, his channel is not limited to Sega, he also deep dives into game series, and other consoles and offers plenty of ‘best of’ videos.

Sega Lord X now has in excess of 400 videos live and typically gets a couple of new videos live per week. His content is really well produced, packed with informative insights, and is a welcoming, enthusiastic host.

If you are looking for retro content that has been given the care it deserves, Sega Lord X is, without doubt, one of the best in the game.

RMC – The Cave

RMC – The Cave started life as ‘Retro Man Cave’, and has since evolved and grown into something more than just a YouTube channel.

Run by host Neil, RMC – The Cave continues as a YouTube channel which increases in popularity by the day but also has expanded into a physical venue, in the form of a retro museum found in Stroud in the UK, which is open to the public to visit.

What I love about RMC’s videos is the hosted show style, where it’s not just a mash-up of captured game content. RMC is a channel for the Retro collector who loves the process of collecting retro. From the ups and downs of purchasing retro hardware, to cleaning and restorations through to enjoyable chats with special guests.

RMC – The Cave predominantly specialises in home computers and micros, but truly is a channel that has something for everyone.

Kim Justice

I’ve been watching Kim’s videos for years now and there is always something of interest to me in my YouTube feed made by Kim.

If you are into UK-orientated gaming content, then Kim Justice has absolutely stacks of documentary-styled videos, covering everything from ‘Why the Commodore Amiga failed’, to ‘The rise and fall of Peter Molyneux’, Kim has you covered, and covered particularly well with hours and hours of great videos.

I particularly enjoy channels where the creators come across that they genuinely enjoy writing and talking about retro, and Kim Justice is certainly one of those who takes the long-form video format and makes it work.

Game Sack

Game Sack is a well-known retro gaming YouTube channel that’s known for its era-spanning coverage of retro gaming, but also its top-notch production qualities and its comical sketches.

Comedy aside, Game Sack has some series amount of effort put into the production of each episode, along with the writing, where there are always many technical and fun facts packed into each video.

The show in its classic format was fronted by both Joe & Dave. Sadly Dave left the show in 2018, but is continued by Joe who still produces absolutely quality by himself, it’s a bit of a shame as they worked so well together, but all the older videos are still there to enjoy.

If you love to binge watch retro gaming videos, Game Sack has hundreds of videos for you to enjoy.


LGR, or Lazy Game Reviews has been a stalwart of YouTube since 2010, and with over 1,000 videos now on his channel, he certainly continues to put in the hours.

For anybody who doesn’t know Clint, better known as LGR, he produces a wide range of content, from retro PC builds, to modern games (typically this would involve the Sims!) and still obsessing over woodgrain.

Clint seems to have a nonstop stream of inspiration when it comes to his channel and the variation of videos he produces. Aside from coming across as a very pleasant chap indeed, LGR still remains one of my favourite retro gaming YouTube channels to go to.

Classic Game Room (CGR)

Classic Game Room is one of my all-time favourite retro game YouTube channels. The channel has existed since 2007 and has amassed over 500 million views since this time!

Classic Game Room is known for being an early adopter and innovator in the online video game review format having been producing the show since 1999. Having had a couple of hiatuses from CGR over the years, Mark Bussler has brought his trademark production style and humour back, with Classic Game Room making a return to YouTube in June 2023 – Here’s hoping this stint is a long one!

Essentially, CGR reviews pretty much everything and anything classic game related, and has over 5,000 videos to watch, perfect for some retro gaming binge-watching!

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