Where To Find A Nintendo GameCube For Sale

Nintendo GameCube

Finding a Nintendo GameCube for sale is fast becoming a

more expensive business with rare and expensive games as well as at least finding a console for a reasonable price that is in good condition.

Whilst it was not one of Nintendo’s huge sellers, the GameCube is now a real fan favourite, especially rare are the boxed / mint condition Gamecube packages as these examples are gradually being swept up by collectors.

However, it’s not too late! There are still plenty of GameCube’s around, so if you’re just after a GameCube to hook up to your CRT and play games, then there are lots to choose from.

Where To Find A Nintendo GameCube For Sale

How Much Is A Nintendo GameCube Worth?

The price of a GameCube depends on what specific GameCube edition you are looking for.

There are many GameCube variants that were some globally, here are some of the more common versions such as the standard indigo and black consoles, through to rare examples such as the GameCube Panasonic Q which was only sold in Japan.

GameCube SystemLoose Price (USD)*Complete Boxed Price (USD)*
GameCube Indigo Console$145$203Check eBay Prices
GameCube Jet Black Console$66$164Check eBay Prices
GameCube Platinum Silver Console$82$123Check eBay Prices
GameCube Spice Orange Console (Japan & South Korea Only)$198$257Check eBay Prices
GameCube Metroid Prime Bundle (Platinum Console)$291$415Check eBay Prices
GameCube Panasonic Q Bundle (Japan Only)$913$929Check eBay Prices
*Pricing taken from pricecharting.com Jul-22

As you can see, the price for complete in-box GameCubes is significantly higher, although the condition of that box will also have an impact on the price. GameCube boxes were not the most robustly made, so it’s hard to find a pristine example now.

The best value-for-money GameCube you can buy is the standard jet black console. Launched alongside the indigo console, the black GameCube is a very common variant.

In short, you will have no problems picking up a GameCube on eBay immediately if you are just looking to buy one and play games, rather than picking up a pristine collectors model. There are even regular good examples of the Panasonic Q GameCube to be found if you are edging towards something more collectable and premium!

My advice – Dive in if you are just looking for a GameCube for fun, but as ever with expensive collector variants, take all the usual precautions when buying online.

LAST MINUTE TIP – If the system you have purchased has not recently been recapped (by this, I mean the capacitors on the board replaced), then it is recommended you do so as leaking capacitors often means BIG trouble for your precious Amiga!

Nintendo GameCube On eBay

If you want to buy a GameCube immediately, then eBay is almost certainly the best place to look. There are pages and pages of GameCubes available to buy immediately.

Nintendo GameCube On Gumtree

Gumtree is a free-to-list marketplace service available in many countries including the UK, Australia & Poland. You are more likely to find a bargain GameCube on a site like Gumtree as it tends to be sellers who are not so aware of the value of rare video game systems, as opposed to eBay where it is full of resellers.

Nintendo GameCube On Shpock

Like Gumtree, Shpock is another online marketplace where private sellers list mostly second-hand/used goods. It can be an untapped resource for retro game consoles, but things are picking up and more people are using it to sell their collectable items.

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