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The Vectrex is a very niche system, and this is also the case when looking for emulators. The Vectrex is unique in that it has vector graphics rather than a typical pixel-based display, so emulating it faithfully isn’t technically possible without such a display.

Fortunately for Vectrex fans and those who are curious to experience Vectrex emulation, we have links to the a range of excellent Vectrex emulators for PC, Android & Mac.

Vectrex Emulator For PC & Linux

The PC has several options for Vectrex emulation, here are a few that we recommend. ParaJVE is a great standalone Vectrex emulator, but RetroArch vecx core is probably the best long-term solution since it is considered one of the leader in terms of emulation and benefits from all the other settings that RetroArch offers in terms of visual filters, etc.

Vectrex Emulator For PC
Vectrex Emulator For PC – RetroArch VecX core
RetroArch – VecX coreAs ever, Retroarch delivers by offering a Vectrex core. Vecx is the core you need to download in Retroarch to get up and running quickly.
ParaJVEParaJVE is a PC Vectrex emulator and comes bundled with a range of original and homebrew games for you to try. There is also a Linux version available.
JSVecXThe quickest way for you to play try out some Vectrex emulation by using this browser-based port of the VECX emulator.

Vectrex Emulator For Android

There are limited options for Android users, but there is at least one option on Google Play Store.

VecDroid XAndroid Vectrex emulation is quite limited and VecDroid is by default the choice Android Vectrex emulator. This is also a paid app.
RetroArch Plus – vecx coreRetroArch Plus on Android has access to the vecx core. In theory, this works fine, but there are some reported issues here and there, so give it a go to see if it works well with your device. It is free, so its worth a try.
Vectrex Emulator For Android
Vectrex Emulator For Android – VecDroid X

Vectrex Emulator For Mac

Similar to the PC, ParaJVW is available on Mac and RetroArch is another way to get your fix of Vectrex on a Mac.

RetroArch – vecx coreProbably the easiest way to play Vectrex on your Mac, RetroArch proves itself crucial for retro fans who own Macs.
ParaJVEParaJVE also has a version for Mac, so give this a try if RetroArch is not your thing!

If you are looking for other retro emulators, check out our comprehensive emulator guide, where you’ll find loads of recommended emulators for PC, Mac, Linux & Android.

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