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Sega’s first CD-based console, the Sega Saturn directly competed with the Sony PlayStation but suffered unfortunately from an initially higher price tag than its competitor, and ultimately, less support from key developers due to its complex multi-processor architecture.

The Sega Saturn has typically been one of the more awkward consoles to emulate, this guide hopes to pair you up with a Sega Saturn emulator is both easy and offers great performance.

Sega Saturn Emulator For PC – RetroArch

Whilst RetroArch is not the actual emulator, it does however provide a very easy access platform to some very robust Sega Saturn ’emulator’ cores.

RetroArch is not just for the Sega Saturn, it is very much our preference when it comes to easy access to console emulation. It’s perfect for kicking back on the sofa with a controller and scanning through your game libraries.

Without a doubt, we would recommend using the Beetle Saturn Core, it is one of the most popular and robust cores available.

It is easy to install and set up – Check out our RetroArch Sega Saturn Set Up Guide to see just how quickly you can get up and running.

Sega Saturn Emulator For PC - RetroArch
Sega Saturn Emulator For PC – RetroArch running the Beetle Core

RetroArch Features Include:

  • Support for over 50 systems
  • GPU Shader Support – Multi-pass post-processing shader functionality, emulation of CRT, LCD and upscaling effects are all available and all changeable ad-hoc
  • Game Controller Auto Configuration – Auto configures a huge amount of game controllers
  • Savestate Features
  • Box Art Thumbnails
  • Game Database Synchronisation – Pulls in-game information and box art from databases
  • Playlist Configuration – Build your own game playlists, accessible from the RetroArch frontend
  • Multi-Platform – Retroarch is available for everything from Windows, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Various PlayStation Models, Xbox and many more

Other Sega Saturn Emulators For PC

Whilst we are huge endorsers of RetroArch, you may just want some other Sega Saturn emulator options. Here are a few other Sega Saturn emulators for the PC, other than RetroArch:-


First up is Mednafen. Mednafen actually has a bit in common with RetroArch, in that it is a multi-system emulator.

But the great news is, that it is highly regarded for Sega Saturn emulation. There is a fairly steep learning curve, but as long as you stick with it, you will be rewarded with a very solid Sega Saturn emulator.

Fortunately, Mednafen does supply good documentation to help you get things up and running. Check out the Sega Saturn Mednafen documentation.

Sega Saturn Emulator For Android – RetroArch

RetroArch does it again for us, it takes away a lot of the drama and time of trying out loads of different emulators, and just keeps everything in one tidy package.

This time though, we recommend using the YabaSanshiro core as this is still at the time of writing, the most reliable Sega Saturn Core to use.

It is worth noting that you will need Sega Saturn BIOS files to be placed in the Retroarch/System/ directory on your device in order to boot games. You can essentially follow our RetroArch Sega Saturn Set Up Guide for PC as the principles are the same for the Android version of RetroArch.

Best Sega Saturn Emulator For Android
Best Sega Saturn Emulator For Android – RetroArch YabaSanshiro Core

Many of the features found in the PC version of RetroArch are present here in the Android version too.

Other Sega Saturn Emulator Android Options

Whilst RetroArch is fantastic, it is menu heavy in terms of menus and options for a mobile device. So, if you would rather cut straight to the chase and download a dedicated Android Sega Saturn emulator, check out the following.

Yaba Sanshiro 2

There are not very many options currently on the Google Play Store, other than Yaba Sanshiro 2, however, it is a well-regarded emulator and certainly gets the job done.

Do not necessarily be put off by some of the low reviews, it can be a little fiddly to set up, but the app does provide instructions on what you need to do upon booting up the app.

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