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RetroAchivements is a third-party service that offers an achievement or trophy system similar to that seen on modern consoles such as Xbox & PlayStation but dedicated to retro games played via RetroArch. It adds a whole new dimension to loads of classic games, playing them back trying to unlock achievements and competing with other users’ progress.

You can keep track of all of your achievements by logging in to your RetroAchivements and viewing your stats as well as the completion progress of compatible games.

RetroArch is RetroAchievements compatible right out of the box with its built-in integration, and it’s really easy to get up and running with this RetroArch RetroAchivements setup guide.

Register Your RetroAchievements Account

The first step is to go to and register an account.

It’s really quick and easy, simply come up with a username and password, and submit your email address and you’re ready to go!

Register An Account With RetroAchievements
Register An Account With RetroAchievements

Login To RetroAchievements In RetroArch

Now we want to boot up RetroArch so we can log in to your newly created RetroAchievements account.

Simply go to ‘Settings -> Achievements’ (Your theme may look different in RetroArch to mine, but the menu options are still the same).

Locate Achievements In RetroArch Settings
Locate RetroAchievements In RetroArch Settings

Next, select Username and Password, then enter your credentials so RetroArch can access the RetroAchievements service.

Enter Your RetroAchievements Username & Password
Enter Your RetroAchievements Username & Password

Load A Game & Begin To Unlock RetroAchievements

RetroArch should now be linked with your RetroAchievements account. To verify this, simply boot up a RetroAchievements compatible core and game, and then press F1 or the hotkey assigned to bring up your RetroArch quick menu, then scroll down and select ‘Achievements’.

If you are logged in and the RetroArch core and the game is compatible with RetroAchievements, you will see a list of achievements available for the game you are playing.

Viewing Game RetroAchivements In RetroArch
Viewing Game RetroAchievements In RetroArch

View & Track Your RetroAchievements

The great thing about the RetroAchievements service is that you can log in to any compatible emulator with your account and continue playing and racking up achievements. You can then log in to the Retroachievements dashboard and view your progress easily.

Simply go to, log in to your account and access your profile to view recently played games and completion progress.

RetroAchievements Profile Page
RetroAchievements Profile Page

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