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PS Vita emulators are still in their relative infancy. This is not totally unexpected as the PS Vita did only launch in most of the world in 2012, the year before the PS4! So this best PS Vita emulator list is going to be condensed to just one recommendation.

However, while the PS Vita was not the most popular handheld console when it was launched, it has ended up being a real Sony fan favourite with its firm Sony licences in its game library, in particular, the game library in Japan is very popular with collectors and PS Vita fans.

So what would be the recommended PS Vita emulators at this point in time? Read on to find out more!

What PS Vita Emulator Should I Use?

The most promising-looking PS Vita emulator is Vita3K. Whilst it is not the most compatible emulator at this point in time, at the time of writing it can run over 190 commercial games that are in a playable state as well as over 110 homebrew games, these links to the full compatibility lists are updated regularly.

Vita3K is an open-source project which enables it to progress at a much quicker rate than if it was a closed-source project. The Vita3K github page demonstrates the number of people involved or interested in the Vita3K project, reassuring for PlayStation Vita emulators fans.

You can download Vita3K from the official Vita3K site.

PS Vita Emulator - Vita3K
PS Vita Emulator – Vita3K

What Is The Best PS Vita Emulator?

Vita3K is now considered the best PS Vita emulator available for PC, Linux, Mac & Android.

Development of Vita3k has picked up the pace and now we are excited to see that there are builds for Windows, macOS, Linux & Android – Incredible!

Vita3K System Requirements

Given Vita3K is still in early development, system requirements may change as the emulator matures, but at the time of writing, Vita3K system requirements are as follows:

System Requirements:

  • CPU: CPU with the AVX instruction set
  • GPU: An OpenGL 4.4 capable graphics
  • RAM: Minimum of 4GB RAMOS: Windows 8/10/11, mac
  • OS and Linux (Must be a 64-bits OS)

Android Requirements:

  • CPU: An AArch64 CPU
  • GPU: Vulkan 1.0 support
  • OS: Android 7+

Is there a PS Vita emulator for Android?

Yes, Vita3K now has an Android build ready to use!

This is available as an APK download from the Vita3k-Android GitHub page.

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