GLideN64 – N64 Emulator Graphics Plugin

Nintendo 64

GLideN64 is a video plugin for N64 emulators such as Mupen64Plus and Project64, it is the ‘spiritual’ successor to the original GLide64 plugin and is developed by Sergey Lipskiy, who was the main developer on the original GLide64 project.

GlideN64 N64 Emulator Plugin

Project64 – How To Install GLideN64

The good news is that GLideN64 comes part of the Project64 package available on the Project 64 website. Simply download and install the latest version from the public releases page.

Mupen64Plus – How To Install GLideN64

The best way to use easily access GLideN64 with Mupen64Plus, is to download a prebuilt package that contains the excellent Simple64 frontend GUI and GlideN64 plugin.

Simple64 (previously known as m64p) and is a well regarded Mupen64Plus frontend, making it far easier to use Mupen64Plus.

GlideN64 Settings

Here are some GlideN64 settings to get your N64 games running in 16:9 widescreen and upscaled to 1080p.

Open up the graphics settings to access the GlideN64 plugin settings in either Project64 or Mupen64Plus (using Simple64).

Apply the below settings to experience a fully upscaled, 1080p, widescreen N64 experience!

Video Settings Tab

  • Change full-screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 (16:9)
  • Change aspect ratio settings to ‘Try to adjust game to fit’
  • Check ‘Overscan’ and set the NTSC and PAL settings to ‘5’ in all four boxes
  • Select ‘Fast approximate anti-aliasing (FXAA)’

Emulation Tab

  • Select ‘Multiple of N64 resolution’ and update the value to 8x
  • Change ‘Background rendering more (HLE)’ setting to ‘One piece’

This will now give you a fully upscaled full 16:9 aspect ratio version of your favourite N64 games.

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