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Glide64 is a widely used video plugin, designed for use with a range of popular Nintendo 64 emulators such as Project64 and Mupen64 Plus. The Glide64 project began in 2001 and has since been subject to various development forks, and has now been superseded by GlideN64.

Glide64 N64 Emulator Plugin

Glide64 was designed so it could run natively on 3DFX cards, or through Open-GL based wrappers for more modern GPUs.

Today, if you want to use the original Glide64, you will need to use a wrapper such as Glitch64 due to the plugin being built on the old Glide3X API, so Glitch64 remaps the API calls so they are compatible with present-day graphics cards.

This Glide64 plugin emulates N64 games’ graphical appearance in an authentic fashion, whilst delivering a smooth frame rate. Glide64 is renowned to handle frame buffer emulation particularly well, which is typically one of the most difficult implementations of a video plugin.

If you are using up-to-date hardware, we recommend looking at GlideN64, rather than persisting to use Glide64.

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