How to get started playing Retro Games

Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Commodore, Amstrad, Sinclair – All names synonymous with classic consoles and computers in the 80s & 90s and now, Retro Games.  These two decades saw the highest highs and the lowest lows of the emerging gaming console and computer industries. Corporations battling it out to capture market share, to playground arguments about who’s machine had the best games and graphics.  It was a time that saw a huge cultural shift towards attitudes and acceptance of computers in the home.

atari joystick

Retro Games have become exceptionally popular in recent years. Modern-day consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch offer the chance to play old favourites. Whilst it is great to see old classics made available on modern consoles, the selection available is still small.

The good news is there are several ways to enjoy all of your favourite Retro Games across various devices.  This includes iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC, Mac and Raspberry Pi. You can even install emulators and play Retro Games on everyday devices such as Retroarch on Amazons Fire Stick.. You probably already own a device that is capable of playing Retro Games!

In addition to helping you to get Retro Gaming, we also present many excellent products and accessories that are available.  Whether you want to play on your old CRT Television, new 4k LED TV, or on the move, we can show you how.

I want to play Retro Games, where do I start?

Quite simply, if you have a smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac, then it is likely you are ready to go!

This is a good time to introduce you to the term ’emulation’.  For any beginners out there, this is software that is written to emulate the consoles or computers hardware.  There are emulator apps that are available on most devices that will set you on your nostalgia journey!

We will be posting more content on the different emulation methods.  But to begin with, we have started by focussing on the Raspberry Pi, here we list all you need to buy to start Retro Gaming.

I don’t have anything to play Retro Games on, what do I need?

Playing Retro Games need not be an expensive hobby, we list our favourite products which will help you get started.  In addition to devices to play games on, you will also find accessories such as Wireless/Bluetooth controllers. Click here to see some suggestions.

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