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Commodore 128Emulators

The Commodore 128 is one of Commodore’s lesser-known home computers, released in 1985, it never reached the heights of its predecessor, the Commodore 64, making it somewhat of a curious machine for many.

If you’re looking to sample the Commodore 128 and what it has to offer, the great news is that emulating the Commodore 128 is just as easy as it is the C64.

Commodore 128 Emulator For PC – VICE

Well-known C64 emulator VICE also provides probably the finest Commodore 128 emulator, called x128.

VICE as mentioned above also emulates a range of other Commodore systems including the C64, VIC20, PET, PLUS4, and CBM-II, so there’s plenty of additional fun to be had here! VICE really is the standard when it comes to Commodore’s early machines.

VICE Commodore 128
VICE Emulator – Commodore 128 using x128

VICE Commodore 128 Emulator Features Include:

  • Complete internal MMU emulation
  • VDC screen (80 columns)
  • Fast IEC bus emulation
  • 2 MHz mode
  • Z80 emulation
  • All the features of C64 emulation
  • CRT screen emulation complete with adjustable scanline brightness, gamma, tint & blue settings
  • Snapshot save states
  • All of the versatility of the VICE emulator that it offers with the C64

Easiest Commodore 128 Emulator to Set Up – C64 Forever

C64 Forever is not just for Commodore 64 emulation, it also provides access to a range of other emulators for Commodore systems, including the Commodore 128. Made by Cloanto, the same team behind the Amiga Forever package. C64 Forever gives you easy access to a wide range of Commodore emulators and features, which are all easy to use.

You can try out a free version to see if it’s suitable for your needs, and when you are ready to unlock more features, they offer paid versions that have all features enabled.

Easiest C64 Emulator - C64 Forever
C64 Forever also offers Commodore 128 Emulation

C64 Forever Features Include:

  • Powered by the leading Commodore system emulator, VICE, but much simpler to use for beginners.
  • Super simple setup. Click, install, and you’re good to go!
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customize controls for each game.
  • Integrates with RetroPlatform Library Database.
  • RP9 Format Compatible. Manage your game library with a single click.

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