What Is The Best Dreamcast Emulator 2022

Best Dreamcast Emulator

The Sega Dreamcast is forever going to be a case of what could have been, with its life being sadly cut short by the success of the PS2. Give your memories of the Dreamcast a chance to be relived once again with the best Dreamcast emulator!

So whether you are looking to play Crazy Taxi (complete with original soundtrack!), work your way through Shenmue, or a quick blast on Sega Rally 2, these best Dreamcast emulators will be just what you are looking for.

Best Dreamcast Emulator

It may be a reasonably new Dreamcast emulator, but Redream has become a firm favourite with Dreamcast enthusiasts and retro fans. Redream boasts versions for the Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android devices.

Now, just to make things clear, this is not a sponsored post for Redream, it is simply in my view the best Dreamcast emulator available currently!

Redream features include:-

  • Accurate emulation of the Sega Dreamcast
  • Very good game compatibility rates
  • Easy to use UI
  • No Dreamcast BIOS required to play games
  • A version for most platforms – Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Raspberry PI & Android
  • Game artwork thumbnails all presented in a really attractive manner
  • HD/4K upscaling (with premium version)

Here’s a summary of what Redream offers:-

Best Dreamcast Emulator For PC, Mac & Linux

First up, there are several options when it comes to Dreamcast emulation for the PC. Redream however just makes the whole experience far simpler and a nicer experience than the competition.

Redream has a very high compatibility rate with over 96% of Dreamcast games being classed as ‘Running well’, meaning you have absolutely stacks of Dreamcast games to get playing!

There is a premium version of Redream that enables HD/4K upscaling and multiple save state slots, but for only $6 (at the time of writing) it really is not much to pay for such a quality emulator.

The Redream user interface is very simple and makes a refreshing change to that of many other emulators where the UI often takes second place behind the power of the emulator. What is also very useful is that you do not have to use an original BIOS to boot games – Extremely useful!

Best Dreamcast Emulator for Android

Play your favourite Dreamcast games on your Android device with Redream. Just like with it’s PC counterpart, Redream for Android delivers everything you will need and will be totally familiar with those who already use the PC version as the UI design has been standardised across the two platforms.

Redream for Android has touchscreen controls that overlay your game if you do not have a bluetooth controller available. It has upscaling options, save states and all the excellent artwork thumbnails you will find on the PC version.

Be aware that whilst Redream is an excellent emulator, your mileage may vary if you have an older phone. But the great news is that Redream has a free option for you to evaluate performance on your Android device first.

Best Dreamcast Emulator for Raspberry Pi

Redream is available for the Raspberry Pi 4, which is fantastic news for Pi fans and Retropie enthusiasts.

This version as with the others has all the features the other platforms get, but with the incredible achievements of emulating Dreamcast games on the modest Raspberry Pi.

Any minor issues with frame rates are nicely handled by the frame skip functionality, but as long as you run games at their native resolution, you shouldn’t have many issues at all with emulation speed.

Redream can be added to your Retropie set up with reasonable ease too, adding one of the greatest consoles to your Retropie collection is a great feeling!

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