Vectrex Emulators

The Vectrex is a fairly niche system, and this is also the case when looking for a Vectrex emulator. It’s certainly not a system that’s was as commercially successful as the Atari 2600 for example, which adds to it’s rarity and is part of it’s appeal for collectors. The Vectrex is also unique in that it has vector graphics rather than a typical pixel based display, so emulating is faithfully isn’t technically possible without such a display.

Fortunately for Vectrex fans and those who are curious to experience Vectrex games, we have links to emulators available for PC, Android & Mac.

PC Vectrex Emulators

The PC has several options for Vectrex emulation, here are a few that we recommend.

Retroarch – vecx coreAs ever, Retroarch delivers by offering a Vectrex core. Vecx is the core you need to download in Retroarch to get up and running quickly.
ParaJVEParaJVE is a PC Vectrex emulator and comes bundled with a range of original and homebrew games for you to try.
JSVecXThe quickest way for you to play try out some Vectrex emulation by using this browser based port of the VECX emulator.

Android Vectrex Emulators

There are limited options for Android users, but there is at least one option on Google Play Store.

VecDroid XAndroid Vectrex emulation is quite limited and VecDroid is by default the choice Android Vectrex emulator. This is a paid app.

Mac Vectrex Emulators

Fortunately for Mac users, ParaJVE is there for you too!

ParaJVEParaJVE is not just for the PC, they also offer a Mac version!

Vectrex Retroarch

We recommend using Retroarch for it’s multiple system capabilities, but also it’s ease of access. The vecx Vectrex core can be downloaded in seconds from within Retroarch. All you then need are Vectrex game ROM files.

Take a look at our quick start guide for RetroArch which can get you up and running in 5 minutes.

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