How To Set Up RetroArch For PS1

RetroArch PS1 Set Up

Sony PlayStation (PS1) emulators are now in an excellent place with near on perfect emulation being offered by the likes of DuckStation, which is an excellent choice for fast and accurate PS1 emulation. The great news is that a libretro port of DuckStation has made its way to RetroArch under the name ‘SwanStation’ (See what … Read more

What Are The Best PS1 Emulators In 2023?

Best PS1 Emulator

There have been recent developments with PS1 emulation that mean best PS1 emulators lists like this have been disrupted. A new player has entered the fold and is quite frankly, stamping its authority over the established emulators such as ePSXe. The original Sony PlayStation is now considered a true classic console as well as genuinely … Read more

Bubble Bobble Feat Rainbow Islands – PS1 Review

Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands - Sony PlayStation

Released in 1996 when retro was not in vogue beyond some classic arcade games and Atari packages being released, the PlayStation received a special package of both Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands. This package consists of three games, Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Rainbow Islands Enhanced, which already feels as though it could be a … Read more

PlayStation Launch Games in the UK & Europe

Sony PlayStation Launch Titles UK/Europe

1995 was a big year for gamers, it marked the transition from 16-Bit consoles, to the new CD-based 32-Bit consoles (bar the N64!) and 3D gaming. The Sony PlayStation had been long hyped, especially with it originally launching in Japan the year before in December, but finally, on the 29th September 1995, the Sony PlayStation … Read more

Jet de Go! Let’s go by Airliner – Sony PlayStation (PS1) Review

Jet de Go PlayStation (PS1) Review

Here we review a hidden gem for the Sony PlayStation. Jet de Go! Is an arcade-style flight simulator for the original PlayStation by Taito which was only released in Japan. Based on the popular Japanese ‘landing’ series of arcade games, Jet de Go arrived on the PlayStation in February 2000, a late game in the … Read more