RetroArch PS2 Set Up Guide

How To Set Up RetroArch For PS2

The Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) can be a tricky system to emulate properly, even more so than with the PS1. Setup is more complex than with classic 8 & 16-bit consoles, and the emulation itself is much more demanding on your device’s hardware. If you are looking to play PS2 games on RetroArch fully upscaled … Read more

What Is The Best PS2 Emulator 2023

What Is The Best PS2 Emulator?

PS2 Emulation is certainly entering territory where you need a more powerful computer, so to set the record straight in terms of expectations and to help you find the best PS2 emulator, check our recommendations in the below guide. The PlayStation 2 can now safely be considered retro (controversial to some!), it was released in … Read more