How To Set Up RetroArch For Neo Geo

RetroArch Neo Geo Setup

Neo Geo emulation can be a tricky beast to tame, but with RetroArch and the FinalBurn Neo core, it’s the easiest it’s ever been. FinalBurn Neo is a development fork of the original FinalBurn Alpha emulator with a lot of the developers from the original project, active on FinalBurn Neo. In this guide, we take … Read more

What Is The Best Neo Geo Emulator 2023

Best Neo Geo Emulator

The Neo Geo was a console that was massively out of reach for the average gamer with the console launching at $649.99 in the US. The real issue though was the price of games, typically costing $200 – $300 each! If only this list of best Neo Geo emulators existed back then! Neo Geo emulation … Read more

Neo Turf Masters – Neo Geo Review

Neo Turf Masters Neo Geo Review

Neo Geo games back in the 90s were something you would either experience in the arcade or at a particularly wealthy friend’s house, in fact, I didn’t even know anybody with a Neo Geo. So, getting to play some of the excellent Neo Geo libraries was not something I did until well into the 2000s … Read more