Snail Maze – Sega Master System Review

Sega Master System Snail Maze Review

Snail Maze is a relatively little-known easter egg game hidden in early versions of the Sega Master System. It has never been available on cartridge or card, it is a hidden game that can be accessed when the Master System’s BIOS screen starts up, simply by holding up and 1+2 together on the controller. It … Read more

What is the Sega Master System FM Sound Chip?

Sega Master System FM Sound

Ever wondered why sometimes in Sega Master System game footage, the sound and music seem different to perhaps you remember, or is notably better quality? This will likely be that the game is utilising or emulating the YM2413 FM Sound Chip. Originally an add-on for the Sega Mark III (which is essentially the precursor to … Read more

22 of the Best Sega Master System Games

22 of the Best Sega Master System Games

As with most consoles, choosing the best Sega Master System games is not only subjective but a challenge! Whilst the NES reigned supreme in the US, the Sega Master System developed a devout following predominantly in Europe. It certainly was on my radar as a kid, with my own brother picking up an original ‘wedge’ … Read more

8-Bit Street Fighter 2

8-Bit Compare Street Fighter 2

This is the first in a series which looks at where you would simply ‘make do’ with 8-bit conversions. Maybe because like me, you were too young to afford the likes of the Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo. It was not just the systems that were expensive, game prices meant 16-bit glory was often … Read more