The Best Amiga Games To Play In 2023

Best Amiga Games

So, another best Amiga games list, it’s not as though it’s not been done before has it? But that said, it is hard to resist putting together my own list of Amiga classics. Like with many classic retro systems, it is hard to whittle down to a concise list of my favourite Amiga games, but … Read more

Where To Find An Amiga 1200 For Sale

Amiga 1200 For Sale

Trying to find an Amiga 1200 for sale can be quite a challenge these days due to it being, like with all the other Amiga computers, desirable collector items. The Amiga 1200 in particular though has always been an attractive system for Amiga enthusiasts due to its expandability, meaning it can be beefed up in … Read more

Where to get Amiga Kickstart ROMs

Where To Get Amiga Kickstart ROMs

Emulating the Amiga can be a finickity business, so a good starting place is understanding the difference between a commonly used term in Retro Gaming, a ROM and an Amiga Kickstart ROM. Essentially, when people search for ROMs, their intention is to find games to download, an Amiga Kickstart ROM is a whole other business! … Read more

A500 Mini – Where to order

A500 Mini Pre-order

So, finally, the long-running speculation can end. The Amiga ‘mini’ is here, in the form of a miniaturised Amiga 500 called ‘The A500 Mini’. It comes from the same company that produced the C64 mini, Retro Games Ltd and is now available to order. Where to order the A500 Mini? The A500 Mini is available … Read more

Stunt Car Racer – Commodore Amiga Review

Stunt Car Racer - Commodore Amiga

Stunt Car Racer is a 3D racing game with a difference. Released by MicroStyle in 1989 for the Commodore Amiga, Stunt Car Racer sees you hurtling around elevated tracks against a single AI-controlled car in a race to be the first across the finishing line. This does not sound like anything too original, but the … Read more