About The Nintendo GameCube

Released in 2001, the Nintendo GameCube is a sixth-generation console.

It represents the first optical disc-based console from Nintendo rather than its traditional cartridges. The discs are however in a mini format, which addressed Nintendo’s concerns around piracy using standard CD-sized discs.

Nintendo GameCube
The Nintendo GameCube

The GameCube competed with the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox. The system received positive reviews upon launch, however, users were disappointed that the miniature disc size was adopted. The popularity of the DVD format meant this was a missed opportunity. The PS2 also served as a high-quality DVD player, meaning that the PS2 had a real edge over the GameCube. The Xbox could also play DVDs, albeit with an add-on peripheral that strangely ‘unlocked’ the system’s ability to do this.

Nintendo’s GameCube ultimately finished in third place behind the PS2 and Xbox. The GameCube sold 22 million units. This was 2 million less than the newcomer, Xbox and a huge 130 million less than the dominant PS2.

The GameCube remained on sale up until 2007.

Nintendo GameCube Emulation

There is really only one choice when it comes to Nintendo GameCube emulation and that is Dolphin. Dolphin is available for Windows, Mac & Linux here – https://dolphin-emu.org/.

Check out our how to guide for the PC version of Dolphin to help you get up and running.

Dolphin is also available as a RetroArch core if you prefer to try to keep your GameCube emulation all in the RetroArch environment. The Dolphin core in RetroArch is not quite as fully featured as the Dolphin application, but it is a great development that continues to evolve and get better.

Check out RetroArch here