About The Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Released in 2001, the Game Boy Advance is the successor to the Game Boy Color.

This handheld represented a significant upgrade in graphics and sound performance over the GBC. Its games are often compared to SNES versions with the system being considered almost like having a portable SNES in terms of ability.

The Game Boy Advance is fully backwards compatible with old GB and GBC games. The Game Boy Advance library is over 1,000 games. Combined with the back catalogue of GB/GBC games, the system can play over 2,500 games.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance
The Nintendo Game Boy Advance

There were two revisions of the GBA released. The Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy Micro. The GBA SP launched in 2003, addressed the issue of no backlit screen with a switchable front light and is designed in a clamshell folding case. The GBA Micro was launched in 2005 and is a very compact designed GBA. The Micro revision, unfortunately, loses the ability to play original GB/GBC games.

The GBA ultimately retailed until 2010, but popularity dropped significantly back in 2004 when its successor, the Nintendo DS launched.

Nintendo game Boy Advance Emulators

It is easy enough to emulate the Game Boy Advance with there now being plenty of options available across pretty much all platforms.

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