Nintendo 64 Emulation

How to Emulate this system?

Nintendo 64 Emulation emulation is reasonably well catered for, we recommend taking a look at RetroArch if you are seeking an all in one solution. RetroArch emulates a large number of systems including the Nintendo 64 Emulation. RetroArch is a front end that utilises emulator ‘cores’, it is reasonably easy to use and has lots of good supporting documentation on how to use it. RetroArch is available across a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and many consoles. Take a look at our quick start guide for RetroArch which can get you up and running in 5 minutes.

Check out RetroArch here

Also, check out the other Nintendo 64 Emulation emulators we enjoy using:

Emulator Description Platform
Project64 Project64 is a popular N64 emulator for Windows & Android devices Windows / Android
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