Where To Buy A Sega Dreamcast Controller 2023

Where To Buy Dreamcast Controllers

With the Dreamcast now suitably retro, its controllers are now ageing and inevitably failing, so just where can you buy a Sega Dreamcast controller today? About The Sega Dreamcast Controller The Sega Dreamcast controller is certainly unique in both its appearance and functionality. It is based on the Saturn 3D controller but includes an analogue … Read more

Best Controllers For RetroArch 2023

Best Controllers For RetroArch

RetroArch has been around since 2012 and fast became a must-have application for retro gaming fans as well as being one of the backbones for projects such as RetroPie. Since its inception, RetroArch now has over 200 emulation cores available including everything from classic consoles such as the NES through to a pocket karaoke player, … Read more

Where To Find A Nintendo GameCube For Sale

Where To Find A Nintendo GameCube For Sale

Finding a Nintendo GameCube for sale is fast becoming a more expensive business with rare and expensive games as well as at least finding a console for a reasonable price that is in good condition. Whilst it was not one of Nintendo’s huge sellers, the GameCube is now a real fan favourite, especially rare are … Read more

Best Controllers For RetroPie 2023

Best Bluetooth Controllers For RetroPie

Since RetroPie burst onto the retro gaming scene all the way back in 2013, built on the backbone of emulator frontends such as EmulationStation & RetroArch, it quickly became a favourite with retro game lovers across the world when it became the quickest and easiest way to play retro games on the Raspberry Pi. Since … Read more

Where To Find An Amiga 1200 For Sale

Amiga 1200 For Sale

Trying to find an Amiga 1200 for sale can be quite a challenge these days due to it being, like with all the other Amiga computers, desirable collector items. The Amiga 1200 in particular though has always been an attractive system for Amiga enthusiasts due to its expandability, meaning it can be beefed up in … Read more