Amiga 1000

Amiga 1000

Known at release as just ‘Amiga’, the Amiga 1000 is the first of the Amiga range of computers. Released in 1985, the Amiga 1000 was designed by Jay Miner and his team at Amiga Corporation. Notably, Commodore purchased Amiga Corporation in 1984, essentially saving the company from a dire agreement they had with Atari. System … Read more

About The Acorn Electron

Acorn Electron

Released in 1983, the Acorn Electron is a cost-reduced version of the BBC Micro. System Overview With the BBC Micro being focused primarily on schools, Acorn decided an affordable system could be successful with home users. Very much in competition with Sinclair and the ZX Spectrum, Acorn aggressively competed with the ZX Spectrum. Acorns Electron … Read more

All About The BBC Micro

BBC Micro

Released in 1981, the BBC Micro was developed as a series of computers developed as part of the BBC Computer Literacy Project by Acorn Computers. This is the system that a generation first experienced computing on, usually at school. Acorn’s BBC Micro is considered their first big success. This was an important milestone for Acorn, … Read more

All About The Acorn Archimedes

Acorn Archimedes

The Acorn Archimedes is the second series of personal computers developed by the British company Acorn Computers during the 1980s and 1990s, succeeding Acorn Computers BBC Mico. About The Acorn Archimedes The Archimedes was one of the first computers to feature a 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) processor, the Archimedes was designed to be … Read more

Best Retro Controllers for Retro Gaming

nes controller

How can you make your Retro Gaming experience more authentic and enjoyable? Here are some of the best Retro Controllers available. 8Bitdo Retro Style Bluetooth Controllers 8Bitdo produce a range of excellent retro-styled Bluetooth wireless game controllers. They produce retro-style gamepads for modern computers, but also Bluetooth receivers so their controllers can be used on original consoles. Bluetooth … Read more