Retro handheld consoles are quickly becoming more popular within the retro community, primarily due to their increasing quality and processing power. You may not have heard of the Anbernic name, but if you are a retro enthusiast, you would have almost certainly heard of one of their ‘Retro Game’ handhelds. Their most popular product has been the recent series of RG350 handhelds, here we take a look at some of the more popular Anbernic retro handheld consoles and where to buy them.

Anbernic Retro Handheld Consoles

Retro Game 350M (RG350M)

The Anbernic RG350M follows in the footsteps of the already hugely popular RG350, but this time with some welcome upgrades.

This edition comes in an aluminium case, an upgraded higher resolution display and reconfigured controls for additional comfort. The analogue sticks in particular are more refined and a lower profile, benefitting playing comfort and easier to transport.

The screen on the original RG350 is bright and vibrant, but the improved 640×480 resolution with the RG350M rounds off any of those slight niggles to what could be described as the perfect resolution for retro games at this screen size.

Additional features such as dual MicroSD slots allow for further flexibility separating the RG350M operating system from game files.

The Anbernic RG350M can definitely considered one of the best and most stylish retro handheld consoles on the market today.


RG350M System Specifications

  • Processor – JZ4770 Dual Core @ 1.00Ghz
  • RAM – DDR2 512MB
  • Screen Size – 3.5” @ 640×480 IPS
  • Expandable Storage – 2 x Micro SD slots
  • Battery – Li-Ion 2500mAh Built-In

Retro Game 350P (RG350P)

The Anbernic RG350P follows the evolution of the RG350M in terms of it’s improved controller layout, and twin Micro SD card slots, but it offers the reduced resolution screen of the RG350 to help keep costs down.

A nice addition to the RG350P are some rubber grips added to the back panel to help stop the console slipping from your grip. You also benefit from the lower profile analogue controls making it easier to use and transport.m

Do not be put off by the fact the Anbernic RG350P has the lower resolution screen, it is still excellent quality, nice and bright and is more than enough to play your old favourites with great visual fidelity.


RG350P System Specifications

Anbernic RG350P
  • Processor – JZ4770 Dual Core @ 1.00Ghz
  • RAM – DDR2 512MB
  • Screen Size – 3.5” @ 320×240 IPS
  • Expandable Storage – 2 x Micro SD slots
  • Battery – Li-Ion 2500mAh Built-In

Retro Game 350 (RG350)

The original Anbernic RG350 handheld was a bit of a revelation among retro gamers upon it’s release. For under £100, you can get excellent emulation for systems from the NES right through to the PS1, and all performing brilliantly.

The key differences between this base model and the RG350M for example, is mainly just the screen resolution and controller layout. But for me, the screen resolution is absolutely great even on the base RG350.

Some may prefer the controller layout of the RG350 with it’s left analogue stick appearing above the d-pad, especially if you plan on playing a lot of PS1 games which utilise analogue controls.

With the redesigned RG350M and RG350P now available, the original Anbernic RG350 can be found at very competitive prices, still definitely a recommended retro gaming handheld.


RG350 System Specifications

Anbernic RG350
  • Processor – JZ4770 Dual Core @ 1.00Ghz
  • RAM – DDR2 512MB
  • Screen Size – 3.5” @ 320×240 IPS
  • Expandable Storage – 1 x Micro SD slots
  • Battery – Li-Ion 2500mAh Built-In

Retro Game 300 (RG300)

The design of the Anbernic RG300 is something that stands out immediately with it’s Game Boy influenced form factor, albeit a hugely upgraded one!

The RG300 delivers an incredibly great value for money retro handheld experience, with a 3” IPS display and all digital controls, you can experience everything from original Game Boy games, to Mega Drive to Arcade game emulation.

Now available for much cheaper than it’s Anbernic RG350 big brother, the RG300 is the perfect gift choice for young kids and big kids alike, looking to relive their gaming memories, or experience them for the first time.


RG300 System Specifications

Anbernic RG300
  • Processor – JZ4760B Dual Core @ 528Mhz
  • RAM – DDR2 128MB
  • Screen Size – 3” @ 320×240 IPS
  • Expandable Storage – 1 x Micro SD slot
  • Battery – Li-Ion 1800mAh Built-In

Retro Game 280M (RG280M)

The Anbernic 280M offers the same processing power and RAM as it’s bigger brother, the RG350, but in a more compact form factor. Obviously compromises are made with it’s reduced size, but the trade off is that it is even more portable and genuinely fits in your pocket.

It has just a single analogue stick, but it is a lower profile than the original RG350, making it easier to use and transport.

The Anbernic RG280M as mentioned does have the same processing power as it’s larger counterparts, the JZ4770, which means you will benefit by being able to play the more demanding PS1 games effortlessly.


RG280M System Specifications

Anbernic RG28M
  • Processor – J4770 Dual Core @ 1.0Ghz
  • RAM – DDR2 512MB
  • Screen Size – 2.8” @ 320×240 IPS
  • Expandable Storage – 2 x Micro SD slot
  • Battery – Li-Ion 2500mAh Built-In
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